Our TROP2-TRACTr is designed to overcome CRS and known on-target TROP2 healthy tissue toxicities.

TROP2 is a clinically validated target highly expressed on many solid tumors that are being underserved by current therapies. Our TROP2-TRACTr is designed to target TROP2, a clinically validated anti-tumor target that is overexpressed in various cancer types, such as breast, lung, urothelial, endometrial, ovarian, prostate, pancreatic, gastric, colon, head and neck, and glioma.

TROP2 expression in cancer cells has long been correlated with drug resistance, and high levels of TROP2 expression have been shown to correlate with poor prognosis in a variety of cancer types.

Our TROP2-TRACTr product candidate is a double-masked TRACTr with masks on both the TROP2-binding domain and the T cell-specific binding domain (CD3e).


We believe that our TROP2-TRACTr has the potential to deliver effective therapy to patients in need, while minimizing toxicities known to be associated with TROP2 therapies. Dosing of our TROP2-TRACTr in NHPs had minimal effects on inflammatory cytokine levels. In contrast, dosing of a TROP2-TCE led to substantial levels of IL-6 as well as elevation of other inflammatory cytokines commonly observed in CRS.

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