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Our Culture

At Janux, developing cutting-edge therapeutics to transform the lives of cancer patients is something we take personally.


With a shared vision for success, Janux looks at opportunities and challenges from all angles, emphasizing teamwork and a cross-disciplinary approach to find new cancer treatments. Our culture is built around a core of scientific integrity and team chemistry–with great enthusiasm for the potential of the science.

The culture at Janux is second to none. Despite being surrounded by brilliant minds, I consistently feel valued and am given opportunities to grow.

Elijah Johnson

Financial Reporting Manager

Janux understands that employee happiness and health are vital to success. Employees are encouraged to keep a healthy work-life balance because the leadership team cares about employee wellbeing.

Renee Jocic

Senior Research Associate, Therapeutics Discovery

Each day I am inspired by the work the Janux team is doing to make a difference in the lives of solid tumor patients. This shared commitment to helping patients motivates us all to do our best.

Jenna Daly

Executive Director, Clinical Operations

Working at Janux is by far the best job I ever had. The most rewarding aspect for me is the chance of being part of this amazing team to develop drugs that will potentially help cancer patients.

Simon Shenhav

Senior Principal Scientist

Developing next generation immunotherapies is hard, but the passion and commitment to unmatched science and success is truly palpable from each member of our team. It’s no wonder our sense of collaboration comes so naturally.

Marcky Biehl

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

I’m inspired by the Janux mission and encouraged by the trust and support from our leadership team to do my best every day and to get things done as a team.

Carolina Caffaro

Executive Director, CMC Process Development

Our Values

Addressing critical unmet needs for cancer patients is our primary purpose at Janux, and so everything we do starts and ends with what’s best for patients. We believe that every decision should center around patient needs, from the earliest stages of research and discovery through clinical development. To that end, we have developed a set of core values that guide us in our development of innovative cancer therapies.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards and do not compromise.


We leverage both diverse and complementary skill sets to thrive as a team and achieve our common goal.


We understand the immediate needs of cancer patients for effective therapies and work tirelessly to deliver them.


We possess a tenacious
and unwavering approach
to our work.


We understand the immediate needs of cancer patients for effective therapies and work tirelessly to deliver them.

Want to work in a fast-paced and dynamic team environment? Join us!