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Company Overview

We are pioneering next generation immunotherapies to address critical unmet needs in the treatment of cancer.

Janux is a clinical-stage company developing unique immunotherapies that have the potential to generate tumor-specific immune responses to attack and kill tumors without destroying a patient’s healthy tissue. Janux is using its platform masking technology to engineer novel drug candidates that are designed to overcome the traditional T cell engager toxicity and efficacy limitations.

Our goal at Janux is to provide cancer patients with safe and effective drugs that direct and guide their immune system to eradicate tumors while minimizing safety concerns.


Since our founding in 2017, Janux has successfully established a collaborative culture that encourages scientific creativity within the bounds of our data-driven decision-making philosophy. We closed our initial public offering (IPO) in June of 2021 and brought our first program to the clinic in the second half 2022.

Leading by example to make a difference for patients.