About Janux

Janux Therapeutics is a biotechnology company based in San Diego that is leveraging an innovative and proprietary discovery platform to efficiently develop tumor activated product candidates that are designed to empower the immune system to eradicate cancer. Janux is developing unique immunotherapies that generate tumor-specific immune responses to attack and kill tumors without destroying a patient’s healthy tissue. Furthermore, we are developing applications with our TRACTr technology to be applied to immunotherapies that target all three stages of an anti-tumor immune response. Janux proprietary molecules combine tumor-specific activation with multi-stage anti-tumor signaling with the goal of significantly improving safety, expanding the therapeutic dosing window, and maximizing patient responses. As an early stage company, Janux is looking for energetic and talented people with a desire to work in a fast-paced and dynamic team environment. We believe that the whole team contributes to the overall mission. We succeed as a team, and we grow as a team.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Janux Therapeutics, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to providing a work environment free of harassment and discrimination based upon a protected category, as well as an environment free from retaliation for protected activity.

Open Positions