Everything we do starts and ends with the patient

Addressing critical unmet needs for cancer patients is our goal. We believe that every decision should center around patients, from the earliest stages of research and discovery through clinical development.

The Janux Mission

Our mission is to discover and deliver innovative tumor-activated therapies that transform cancer patients’ lives.

Our History

Since our inception in 2017, we’ve successfully built an innovative culture that encourages scientific creativity within the bounds of our data-driven decision-making philosophy. This enabled our agile R&D team to efficiently discover numerous novel preclinical candidates: each of our unpartnered pipeline assets was discovered in 2020.

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Our Culture

At Janux, developing therapeutics to transform cancer patients’ lives is personal. With a shared vision for success, we look at opportunities and challenges from all angles, emphasizing teamwork and a cross-disciplinary approach to find new cancer treatments.

Developing innovative drugs that transform patient lives requires:


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards and will not compromise.


We leverage both diverse and complementary skillsets to thrive as a team and achieve our common goal.


We possess a tenacious and unwavering approach to our work.


We understand cancer patients’ immediate need for effective therapies and work tirelessly to deliver them.

Our Technology

Janux is developing unique immunotherapies that have the potential to generate tumor-specific immune responses to attack and kill tumors without destroying a patient’s healthy tissue.

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