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Marc Nasoff, Ph.D. | TRACTr Developer

Marc brings over 35 years of industry experience to Janux Pharmaceuticals and is directing the development of the company’s TRACTr therapeutics.

Most recently, was the CSO at Fortis, overseeing the development of their antibody therapeutic that is undergoing clinical trials to treat cancer. Before that, he served as the director of biologics at GNF, a subsidiary of Novartis Pharma, where he worked closely with Novartis Biologics on the development of human therapeutic antibodies. In this role, he directed the development of multiple antibodies that progressed to clinical trials. Before moving to San Diego to become research director for Pharmacia, he worked at Genetics Institute in Boston.

Marc earned his Ph.D. in Microbial Genetics from the University of Maryland. This was followed by postdoctoral training in organic synthesis at the University of Colorado. He has authored more than 50 patents and 30 publications.